I was doing an evaluation of my decline and i was sort of charting it on this graph in my mind. And it ended, hit bottom long before Auburn. And I thought is there any possibility I can make it to Auburn? I thought no. No, that’s ridiculous. Its ridiculous for any of us to even think of that. Well, how about Michigan Bluff? And I thought across those deep canyons, no way. Well, what can I do? I just asked myself that question. And the answer came to mind; I can still take one more step. And so at that point I decided I would take one more step until I could no longer take one more step. And today we would say that’s suicidal, we tell people not to think that way. That there is always another day, just come back. Well, there isn’t always another day. There are times when life gives us one opportunity at something.

— Gordy Ainsleigh