2018 Photo Picks

2018 Photo Picks

At the beginning of this year, I ran across Alex Burke’s blog, while researching about film scanning. Among loads of other useful posts, I noticed Alex’ “The Bets Of …” posts, where he picks of 9(ish) of his best shots of the year.

I really like this idea. It’s a great opportunity to go through all the photos I’ve taken over the year, remember and re-live some of the memories, as well as take a more critical look at the photos and make purposeful choices.

I like the format of nine shots. It’s enough to capture the year, make a concise presentation, yet it’s small enough to force some contention and force critical look for the picks. Albeit, I took a slightly different angle and my picks aren’t necessarily the best picks, but they are the ones that mean most to me, be it because they are some of the best, or because they recall the best memories.

Alpaca in a field

We took our dog for a walk while visiting relatives, and found this lone alpaca in the field. The alpaca was sensing our dog, so I didn’t have much time to grab a shot. It’s a little oddly framed, but that’s partially why I like it.

Sunset at Rathtrevor Beach

It poured for two days straight, but eventually we were rewarded by a beautiful sunset.

The British Columbia Sugar Refining Company, Ltd

Experimenting with my Kiev 80 camera and scanning film.

Collection of ropes. Cannery museum near Prince Rupert, BC.

Onward and upward

Hiking steep trails on Haida Gwaii, BC.

Views around Smithers, BC

A fall hike at Mt. Shuksan, Wa

Fall in Vancouver

Goat on a roof. Coombs, BC

These goats are so much fun. I love their fuzzy beards and behinds. Shot on Fuji Pro 400H with Kiev 80.